TommyCar Auto-Giving Guidelines

At TommyCar Auto Group, we believe that supporting the communities where we live and work enriches us all. That’s why we give to organizations that are making a difference locally by enhancing the quality of life and economic vitality in the communities we serve. Each year, we receive thousands of proposals for a variety of initiatives, programs and events. While we are pleased that there are so many volunteers and organizations working to make a difference in our communities, we are focused on those initiatives that align with our overall community investment priorities.

Funding Priorities

TommyCar Auto Group responds to needs in the community proactively and strategically. Grants and financial support are focused on five areas:

1. Community/Economic Development
2. Education
3. Health & Human Services
4. Arts & Culture
5. Environment

Our corporate contributions can be classified into the following categories:

Financial Contributions

Monetary contributions to U.S.-based 501(c)(3) organizations In-Kind Contributions: In the form of TommyCar Auto Group Merchandise.

Program Exclusions

As you can imagine, we receive numerous requests for sponsorship each month, and cannot respond to all of them with a financial contribution. TommyCar Auto Group does not typically support requests from the following:

Individuals or families
Religious organizations, unless the program supports and is open to the community
Political activities or candidates for political office
Government activities
Organizations seeking funding for travel expenses
Advertising or professional fundraising
Paid solicitors

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