TommyCar Sponsors the DNA LifePrint Child Safety Event


This fall, the TommyCar Auto Group helped demonstrate the importance of child safety by sponsoring a free child safety even through DNA LifePrint for community members and their families. During this even, parents had the opportunity to set up an Identification Kit for their children. In the event that a child should go missing, having this kit and being able to immediately hand it over to authorities greatly increases a parent's chance of finding their child.

DNA LifePrint is a leader in promoting and assisting child safety. Over a decade ago, Sergeant Joseph Matthews teamed up with America's Most Wanted host John Walsh with the intent of setting up an organization that would ensure that children across the nation are provided with crucial safety services. DNA LifePrint brings their knowledge and services to local communities with the help of national and local support.

Tommy Car Auto was proud to donate this opportunity to the community by inviting  DNA LifePrintto Western Massachusetts. In addition to offering the chance of putting together this kit, Tommy Car Auto provided refreshments as well as entertainment for the children, including face painting! More than fifty kids took part in putting together their kits. Be on the lookout for the next opportunity to set up kits for your own kids!