4th Annual Tom Cosenzi Driving for the Cure Golf Tournament


On September 10, 2012, we hosted the 4th annual Tom Cosenzi Driving for the Cure golf tournament. This tournament is held in honor of Tom Cosenzi who lost his battle with brain cancer back in 2009.  All of the proceeds from this tournament go to brain cancer research facilities in the hopes of one day discovering a cure. 

A long-time employee of Tom, Eric Penza said that "he always had a smile on his face, even when he became increasingly ill."  Tom Cosenzi is known for a few things: his smile, his generosity, and his excellent ability to seal the deal.  He was also very kind to all of his employees, and even if you didn't know Tom, it only took five minutes talking with him to feel like you were close friends.

All of our employees here help to make this tournament as amazing as it can be.  Every year, returning participants look forward to the golfing, lunch and dinner.  Kelsey Bover says that "It's exhausting but fun." 

But this tournament is more than golfing and food, it's an opportunity to make a difference for people.  Christina Pease, a long-time employee and three-year helper for the tournament says that "It's nice to see everyone come together and participate in golfing and the dinner to show they care and want to make a difference."

Carla and Tommy Cosenzi , two of Tom's four children , Mike Hyder , one of Tom's good friends , and Gayle Bover , an employee and good friend to Tom , make up the tournament committee.  From the beginning, the four of these people have worked diligently to raise as much money as possible to go toward Brain Cancer Research.  Gayle Bover says that it is satisfying "knowing we are raising money for a great cause and for keeping the memory of Tom alive."

Each year, the tournament grows bigger, with more sponsors, participation, and money.  Thanks to everyone, there may soon be a break through in discovering a cure to brain cancer!